Are you struggling in your relationship with your partner?

Stressed about work or school?

Are you "medicating" your anxiety or depression with food, alcohol, shopping, affairs, or other band-aids?

Are you achieving the goals you have set for yourself?

Is your teen engaging in risky behavior, and driving you crazy?

Are you engaging in risky behavior?

Are you sandwiched between aging parents and children?

Does everyone offer you advice - and then become annoyed because you haven't followed it?

Feeling resentful that everyone tells you what to do?

Welcome to my website! 

While our technological age has given us numerous gadgets to make our lives easier, we are as anxious, stressed, and depressed as ever!

Once upon a time, family, religion, neighborhood, and job security provided a sense of belonging. Today, however, there is an increasing sense of isolation as we navigate the complicated demands of our modern and competitive society. And while anxiety, depression, and mental illness are not new, they are certainly exacerbated by our current culture.

How can psychotherapy help?

Psychotherapy can facilitate understanding and personal growth. Such treatment can help in the areas of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Women's Issues
  • Adult Children of  Alcoholics
  • Coping with the physical or mental disability of a child, parent, or sibling 

But what IS psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy includes a broad range of philosophies, techniques, treatment styles, and disciplines. 

My approach is "eclectic" which means that I draw upon a variety of modalities:  psychodynamic,  interpersonal, and family systems.  As a traditionally trained clinical social worker, I believe that therapeutic work should "start where the client is" and focus on the person in his or her situation.  This includes understanding the person's family of origin, the person's own individual strengths (and conflicts regarding such strengths), his or her current reality (the "here and now"), and his or her goals and aspirations.

While sometimes a rose really is only a rose, often our behavior and "symptoms" communicate what we are unable or unwilling to face. That's where psychotherapy comes in...whatever approach a therapist uses, the goal is to understand and resolve those problems that block one's path to self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

Sometimes I work individually with the client, sometimes it is within a couple or family unit that the problems surface, sometimes group is the best way to identify and "treat"  patterns that interfere with the person's well-being. And sometimes it is in using a combination of these modalities that we have the most success. 

At times, anxiety or depression can be so overwhelming that they interfere with the process of psychotherapy.  In such circumstances, medication might be helpful. As I am not a medical doctor, I am unable to prescribe medication.  However, I can refer clients to psychiatrists who will evaluate the need for and supervise the administering of medication while my client and I continue our work in therapy.        

I hope this information has been helpful. 

Please call me if you have any questions or want further information regarding my practice.  There is no fee for the initial telephone consultation.

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